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New to Richmond, Virginia?

What would you like to know about RVA?

I've long thought about putting together a list of my favorite vendors and service providers.

For example, if you just relocated to Richmond you'll have an idea of where to drop off your dry cleaning. 

All of these providers would be people who I use personally, or who were highly recommended by someone whose opinion I trust.  For example, I will not claim to know the best barber in Richmond, but I know all the bearded dudes in my office have some favorites.

DISCLAIMER:  I would not be paid by any of these folks to be on this list, these are just providers I really like.

Here are some categories I have thought of:
  • Hair salon;
  • Barber;
  • Dry cleaner;
  • Tailor for alterations;
  • Tailor for drapes, shades, etc.;
  • Veterinarian;
  • Dog walker;
  • Dentist;
  • Eye doctor;
  • General practitioner;
  • Other specialty doctors;
  • Furniture recoverer;
  • Handyman;
  • Landscaper for simple projects;
  • Landscaper for bigger projects;
  • Electrician;
  • HVAC company;
  • Roofer;
  • Shoe repair place;
  • Non-Starbucks coffee shops;
  • Fancy, date restaurants;
  • Casual, family restaurants;
  • Brunch;
  • Florist;
  • Stationary store;
  • Thrift stores;
  • Boutiques (women);
  • Boutiques (men);
  • Gift store for unique gifts; and

If you are new to Richmond, or even if you have been here a while and just want some new recommendations, what are some categories you would be interested in?

- Melissa

(804) 986-3993
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